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Discovering Italy by way of La Jolla, Marisi focuses on Italian hearth cooking with an emphasis on handmade pastas, classic cocktails and fine wine. The menu celebrates the rich diversity of cuisine from across Italy, fashioned in a time-honored tradition of handmade all day, every day. We take the best ingredients from every region showcasing them in unique ways that stay true to the heart of Italy. 

Dry aged fish, whole animal butchery, little known pasta shapes and homemade Limoncello are just a few things that make Marisi memorable, combined with a passionate team and service from the heart. 

Once a dream, now a reality, we invite you to experience Marisi La Jolla. 

Through their memories, Marila and Isidoro gave us our dreams. Marisi, named for them in love and inspiration, is the feeling you get from the stories of where they went and what they did long enough ago to be magical.

At Marisi, you'll find small, hidden elements throughout the space that celebrate Isidoro's legacy. A true force of nature, Isidoro was strong, yet gentle; determined, yet humble; ambitious yet caring. The true Leo he was, his presence will always be felt. 

Our Team