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San Diego's Best New Restaurant for 2023

San Diego Magazine, Critic's Choice

Handmade Pasta
Italian Hearth Cooking
Classic Cocktails
Fine Wine

"Marisi was without a doubt the Italian opening of the year, an obsession."       

                           - San Diego Magazine

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Sometimes, A Dream is a Memory We Create -- Just Little Fragments of What We've Been Told 

That We Never Experienced Ourselves but Recall With A Fondness As If We Were There.

An Idea That Lives Between the Amalfi and La Jolla coasts, suspended between tides instead of time -- a mood more than a plot.

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Inspired by the best parts of Italy, both in design and dining, Marisi showcases the finest ingredients and techniques from the heart. Ours and Italy's. 

So come and stay a while. 

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